Rocket League adding Crates to their game to fund eSports Prize Pools?

By Andarilho Published 23rd Jul 2016

Rocket League will be adding Crates to their game to fund their eSports prizes.

The Company Psyonix is adding Crates into Rocket League apparently really soon. Everything got first leaked with the image below but then later confirmed by the Developer that it is coming to the game.

The Developer said that all the money raised from these "Crates" will fund their eSports Prize pool and other events happening. They will not put these Crates on the steam market place since the Developer is aware of the Third-party gambling that has been going in other games like CS:GO.

{img=rocket_league_crates.jpg}This is what the Rocket League crates will look like when they get released{/img}

This is what the Developer posted about this on Reddit:
{li}All of the Crates will only have Cosmetic items like skins, flags, colors and hats etc. They are against Pay to win and giving people an unfair advantage on that they will never implement pay to win into their game{/li}
{li}They will not be putting the Crates on the steam Marketplace like I stated above because of Gambling. The Developer doesn't like the Third-party Gambling and does not want to take the approach towards it.{/li}
{li}This 'system' can be easily hidden by checking a little box and hiding it from your screen if youre not interested in partaking in this. This won't affect your game in any way.{/li}
{li}They also want to let players know that they want to keep releasing free Arenas, Game modes, and Items. Along with some paid DLC along the way.{/li}

They will release a final announcement on this system at the end of next month after RLCS Live Finals have been held.

What do you guys think about them about the bringing Crates into Rocket League?


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