Biker DLC Coming to GTA V?

By Andarilho Published 24th Jul 2016

A modder by the name of TezFunz2 has found some interesting scripts in the game's code that could reveal a future DLC.

What can't you do in GTA V? Well, while the answers to that question are quite limited, one answer is the ability to run a biker gang. Well, that might be possible, according to findings by a modder by the name of TezFunz2. It appears that Rockstar may put blank script place holders for future updates, and it was these that were found. He managed to find the following empty scripts:{br}{br}


With this, we could see a possibility with more in-game modification in regards to the garage, as well as jousting on bikes or even some-form of initiation (maybe a mission?){br}{br}


While it isn't confirmed, it wouldn't be surprising to see these implemented in a future update from Rockstar. Only time will tell. What do you think about these findings? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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