Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Wind Bastion: What is known

By Calculus Published 19th Nov 2018

Operation Wind Bastion, new operators and information leaked!

New information about the latest DLC, Rainbow Six Siege has to offer, surfaced as Ubisoft released a "gameplay and gadgets tips" video about said DLC which name will be Operation Wind Bastion.

This new DLC will bring two new Operators out in the field, one attacker named Nomad and one Defender named Kaid. Nomad will be armed with an AK-74M and an ARX200, her special ability includes the use her airjab launcher and proximity triggered air blast grenade to propel Defenders out of cover and expose them to the rest of your team. On the other hand, Kaid will have a Rtila Electroclaw at his disposal, capable of electrifying every nearby metallic defensive measure like reinforced walls, barbered wire and deployable shields, so as to give an advantage to his team and counter any hard-hitting breacher. His weapons of choice are going to be an AUG A3 and a TCSG12 for that extra firepower Rainbow Six is known for.
However, this is not everything Operation Wind Bastion has to offer as there is a new multiplayer map added to the mix called "Fortress". Set in Morocco "Fortress" is a close-quarters map with easy rooftop access that should add variety in-between rounds.

Lastly, It's also said that some changes will also happen to the game's store making it more user-friendly and easy to navigate in.
The official update is currently slated for a full reveal at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro, on November 18, 2018. Viewers at home can watch the unveiling live on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel. After the reveal, a brief testing period will commence on the Test Servers for users who have access to test out and squash any bugs or just to adjust their gameplay, with the full release to be expected around early December.



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