THREAD: Portal Knights Modded All Items World And Character EU AND US
  1. 05-15-2022, 11:15 PM
    Jul 2020

    This world was transferred over from the PC To the PS4
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    in save file
    5 level 30 characters With Modded Mounts Into Pets and two vanities at the same time Warrior, Ranger Modded Character (Ranged Damage Increased by 600 damage) (20000 Health Points) (20000 Mana Points) Max Speed There is a cap, Mage including DLC Rogue, Druid classes with best damage builds

    World Files
    Xp Boosting World Events Also Trophies
    Do-It-Yourself - Upgrade The WorkBench
    Master Smith - Upgrade The Anvil
    Master Of Magic - Upgrade The Altar
    Man Made Tinker Mass Production - Craft 1000 Wooden Blocks
    Down The Rabbit Hole - wear a full suit of bunny armor and eat carrot
    Level Up - Level 1
    Level 10!
    Level 20!
    Portal Knight - Level 30

    More Trophies World
    WorkBenching - Put 1 Work bench on farpoint
    Great Explorer - Kill Boss go to next world
    DLC - Conspiracy on Faynore - go to farran-enore follow the green maker talk done

    All Items World Modded
    On Vacant Lunar Elf Island
    All Armor for all classes DLC
    All Weapons for all classes DLC Unobtainable Weapon
    All Pets Unobtainable Ones as well
    All Recipes Unobtainable Some Are Crash Recipes Dont Use
    All NPCs two are Unobtainable
    All Scrolls/potions
    All Ingredients, Ores, Gems
    All Consumables
    All Spells
    All Vanity
    All Rogue items
    All Druid items
    All Blocks
    All Furniture
    All Deeds Vacant islands
    All Seeds
    All Books
    All Musical Blocks
    All Traps

    Full list of items you normally cant get -You must login or register to view this content.
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