THREAD: [US] Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Save Set
  1. 04-03-2019, 05:30 PM
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    Mar 2019
    Region: US
    Firmware: 6.51
    CUSA : CUSA00218

    I am looking for a US save set that will help obtain the following trophies:

    Unlocked - Unlock all trials
    Hero - Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank
    Information - Obtain all cassette tapes
    Insignia - Obtain all XOF unit patches

    There's a great EU save set that has what I'm looking for, but I can't find a US equivalent. Thread is located You must login or register to view this content..


    UPDATE 1: The save located You must login or register to view this content. gave me "Unlocked", "Hero", and "Accomplished" when I completed "Intel Operative Rescue" on Hard while only using the stun pistol and receiving an "A" rank. I'm not sure if it will also give "Pacifist" as I already had it. Still need to test if the save will also give "Information" & "Insignia".

    UPDATE 2: The same save also gave me "Information" when I did the Side Op "Classified Intel Acquisition". I rode in the truck until it parked in the Admin building and grabbed the cassette that's in the watch tower directly above you, the only one you have to collect to complete the mission. The moment I grabbed the tape the trophy popped, I didn't have to complete the mission.

    UPDATE 3: This is just a general update that I've completed the game and no longer need this request open. I got the "Insignia" trophy by starting a new game and focusing only on the XOF patches and not generally caring about my rank for the mission. This request can be considered fulfilled, thanks.
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