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    I finished Bloodstained a few hours ago and saved before a few trophies I hope this can help a few people out.

    Save File 1: This save is right before a boss (I won't mention to avoid spoilers) after defeating said boss you will obtain the Tourniquet trophy.

    - Try warping to the Hall of Termination and kill the boss there for the Just a Flicker trophy.

    Save File 2: This save is made right before the long grind (level 49) to Level 50 "AKA" Growing Pains trophy. Load up the save and warp to the Garden of Silence. Head all the way left (I provided images in the zip file) before entering the room use the invert skill down, up + x, then enter the room. The boss will be on the ceiling simply jump up and slash away if he jumps then stay on the ground and attack. After defeating him you will earn 7,000K EXP netting you the Growing Pains trophy. It's really easy. You can keep entering and exiting the room here to keep farming so you can level up even more if you want.

    Save File 3: This save is for the final 3 trophies of completing the game i.e. Moonscaper, Dethroned, and Army of the Night trophies. If you're having a difficult time defeating the end bosses you can use a waystone (I think they're called) from your inventory and warp back to Arvantville and sell all your shards and weapons and you'll have somewhere along $60-70K buy 20, 30, or even 50 Pork Curry dishes (how many you think you'll need) and you'll breeze through the end bosses. I didn't use more than ten on the final bosses lol.

    A few more things you can do with Save File 3.

    - Warp back to town and talk to Abigail and give her the items you have in your inventory. You'll net the Arvantville's Angel (Complete 30 Quests) trophy.
    - Warp back to town and talk to Johannes and dismantle 10 items for the Scrap Heaper trophy.
    - Warp to the Hall of Termination for the Kickstopper trophy.
    - Warp to the Dian Cecht Cathedral exit and head directly left to reach the barber. Change your appearance for the A New You trophy.
    - Warp to the Livre Ex Machina and head to the room directly under O.D. you can't miss it. Super jump with L1 through the ceiling and continue to bounce O.D. up and down for the Déjà vu trophy.
    - Warp to the Garden of Silence and equip the Carabosse (familiar) and sit at the piano for the Recital trophy. You must login or register to view this content.
    - Warp to the Livre Ex Machina and return and check out books from O.D. (can be done without even leaving the menu) ten times for the Bookworm trophy.

    - You might be able to get various other trophies like True Haggler, Make a Wish, Treasure Hunter, Demon Hunter, and Marathon trophies etc.

    Save File 4: This is my clear save file with a map completion of 99.40% it should help you if you want to go for the map completion Cartographer trophy. You can also press L2 to start a new game plus.

    Save File 5: Exit the room and wait for the knight to throw his axe at you. Deflect and counter by pressing forward, forward + square for the Down Pat trophy. Open your inventory and consume the manju for the Dare to Devour trophy. Kill one more enemy and absorb his blood for the Bloodstained trophy.

    As stated above I've included some images in case you need extra help on where to go for some of the trophies like the Kickstopper for example. Saves need testing!

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