THREAD: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (EASY / MODDED Platinum) [CUSA14655]
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    Feb 2019
    Hello, this is my very first contribution so I want to thank a few people before we get into this!

    I'd like to thank the Save Wizard team for there endless efforts at making awesome cheats for us! I'd like to thank NGU for their wonderful website! I'd like to thank the fans and viewers! And last, but most CERTAINLY NOT least, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed save files that we all have used and enjoyed!

    With that said, I present to you the laziest and most easy way to get your Platinum trophy with absolute ease. If, like me, you had major trouble with this game (or have multiple accounts?) you may not want to play through... And now you don't have to! Just follow the "Trophy Guideline" to get your trophies in no time at all!

    Download Links:
    OneDrive =!AoPUp_R3UgkEgdoMsHbsipc8SL8q7g
    Dropbox = COMING SOON
    Zippyshare =

    Trophy Guideline:
    First start a new game, defeating Piccolo on your own is a MUST! You can also ignore the Auto Save.

    Save File 1:
    Load this up and beat the remaining fights to complete the Saiyan saga, you are level 250 with mass stats.

    Save File 2:
    Load this up and beat the remaining fights to complete the Frieza saga, you are level 250 with mass stats

    Save File 3:
    Load this up and beat the remaining fights to complete the Android / Cell saga, you are level 250 with mass stats

    Save File 4:
    Load this up and beat the remaining fights to complete the Majin Buu saga, you are level 250 with mass stats

    Save File 5:
    Load this up and do the following:
    1. Complete the last of Goku's training (Level 10 training trophy)
    2. Talk to Bulma and build the last Part (Seat)
    3. Talk to Bulma and build the Hovercar
    4. Talk to Bulma and build Robo Walker

    Save File 6:
    Load this up and do the following:
    1. Defeat Mira, he is basically right in front of you. You are level 91 but have mass HP and Ki, so keep going Super Saiyan 3 and spam Spirit Bomb
    2. Go to Kame House and talk to Master Roshi, this should give you the Turtle Training and D Medal trophies
    2. While at Kame House talk to Krillin, this is a super easy sub quest and gets you the sub quest trophies
    3. Go to ANY Mineral Deposit locations, they sometimes have boulders blocking caves you can break. You need to be at least level 10 to break then, so find one and break it for a trophy. (I think the location is called Namm's Village or something, but you should be able to find them)
    4. The messages from King Kai trophies can be annoying, but I found mine at Mineral Deposit locations or randomly flying through air ways.
    5. Fight ANY of the red Villainous parties, shouldn't be too hard. You have mass HP and Ki, as well as TONS of healing items.
    6. Finish ANY fight with a Super Finish
    7. Do 1 Z combo in ANY fight
    8. Perform a Super Assist move in ANY fight
    9. Rush around any map to get an instant victory and your trophies
    10. Summon Shenron and make a wish
    11. Complete a training course at any Training Grounds (NOTE: If you can't then load up Save File 5)
    11. Go to Goku's house and have ChiChi make you a Full-Course meal
    12. Go and upgrade some skills in ANY characters Skill Tree
    13. Check the Z Encyclopedia (Note: If you don't get your trophies try one of the other save files)

    And that should get you the Platinum trophy for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, enjoy!

    PS. I'll make an EU Region when I can, if anyone wants to re-region these saves I will host them on my OneDrive
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    Sep 2015
    Hi AdInfinitumMods! I just download your save game but it hadn't save 6. If possible can you send other full save file because I already complete the trophy but I have a problem with my storage and I lost all save. All I need your last played save. Thank You So Much.
  4. 06-01-2020, 09:09 PM
    Jan 2020
    Thanks for the saves! I didn't get the D Medal trophy on save 6 though :(
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    May 2020
    possibility of uploading the saved ones again?
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    Links off my friend
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    Originally Posted by AndersonRJMac View Post
    Links off my friend


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