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Bethesda previewed some new Fallout 76 factions that represent different ideals and goals players will learn about in the new game.

Sharing a tweet through the official Fallout Twitter account, Bethesda showed off a group called the “Free States,” an organization composed of doomsday preppers who weren’t planning on going down without a fight. The image showed a human equipped with a weapon that has a bayonet on the end next to a star that appears to be the logo for the Free States faction.

The wording of the Fallout tweet was ominous and interesting in its nature with the text alluding to the Free States facing an unfortunate fate. Saying that they survived during the outbreak of the nuclear war, the “at least, for a while” part of the message indicates that they’re not around any longer. That’s supported by the distinct absence of NPCs in Fallout 76, so players shouldn’t expect to encounter Free States humans like the one in the image.

We don’t fully know to what extent players can interact with Fallout 76’s factions though, so it’s unclear if players will be able to officially join this faction or others. Quests, hints, and other lore details in Fallout 76 can be found through holotapes, letters, and other remnants of the past though, so players can perhaps roleplay as a member of one of the factions if they’re not able to join them outright.

The Free States weren’t the only faction that Bethesda’s revealed this week either. Sharing a different tweet on Friday, Bethesda shared the background on a group called the “Responders.” A group that looked to help others and answered the call from those in need, the robots that were used by the Responders can still be found throughout the world of Fallout 76 despite the human members apparently all gone.

Fallout 76 is scheduled to release on November 14th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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