Perfect XOSC Spoofing
Gold Spoofing
Offhost Engine
No Spread & Autowall
All COD Ban Bypasses
Console Redeem
99.9% Uptime

About XenoOnline~

~Long KV Life
Many of our users are currently reporting a KV life of 1+ weeks using XenoOnline, and we're working every day to beat our current record.

~Coded by Experts.
XenoOnline is coded and maintained by experienced coders, not n00bs. Your game will never be interrupted by faulty code or unreliable servers.

~99% Uptime
Our goal is to keep XenoOnline online 99% of the time (hey, some things are out of our control). Our admins are always standing by to fix any issues that may occur.

We are currently looking for people to do a review of the server video-wise, if you do one you will get lifetime. Thanks for your interest in XenoOnline<3


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