Pokemon Go

Trading Could Hit Pokemon Go Sooner Than Imagined 6 years ago

One player has managed to decipher the code from the latest update which seems to allude to the ability to trade Pokemon.

New Update Released for Pokemon Go 6 years ago

Latest update to augmented-reality mobile game brings back a variation of Pokemon tracking among other bug fixes.

Four Incredible Ways Niantic Can Improve Pokemon Go 6 years ago

Pokemon Go may have burst into prominence in July as a global phenomenon , but that does not mean it hasn't had it's issues.

Legendary Pokemon Appears at Ohio Gym 6 years ago

A Pokémon Go player in Dayton, Ohio appears to be the first to obtain one of the three legendary birds available in the Kanto region of Pokemon.

Niantic puts an end to Pokévision 6 years ago

Niantic just updated Pokémon Go, removing their tracking system, and killing off the only site with a working tracker.

Pokemon Go Developers to Respect Real-World Locations 6 years ago

Pokemon Go gyms and stops are everywhere, however some of these places are not happy with the attention from the placement, especially places like the Hiroshima Peace Memorial or the Holocaust Museum...

Pokemon Go Level Cap Reached as Player Hits Milestone 6 years ago

Shortcuts may have been used, but one player has reached the maximum level on Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Plus Release Date Officially Delayed 6 years ago

Some slightly bad news from Niantic announced today as they confirmed that the release date of the Pokémon Go Plus has been delayed.