New Update for GTA 5: Pokemon Go Mod Adds Key Features

By Andarilho Published 17th Aug 2016
Modder Ludicrous Beach has released a new update for his viral GTA 5 modification which brings Pokemon Go into the world of Los Santos. The new update adds key functionality to the game as well as the addition of various new Pokemon. A complete list can be seen below along with the link to the download: {subtitle}Version 1.0.1 Change Log{/subtitle} {ul}{li}Increased Pokéstop Map Visibility Range (3km) {/li} {li}Changed Capture effects {/li} {li}Improved capture delay {/li} {li}Added ability for pokemon to escape {/li} {li}Added Pokemon Evolve Scene {/li} {li}Fixed Broken Faces, some still mi

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